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How it works

Everything you need to know to prepare your loved one for moving to Heritage Senior Living.

Items needed before admission

  • History physical or Dr. office visit notes within the last 6 months
  • Medication list signed by physician including OTC Meds
  • Insurance cards
  • Photo ID (Drivers License, Passport)
  • Heartland Pharmacy Agreement
  • Demographics page
  • Copy of advance directive
  • Signed consent for/against CPR

At move-in please bring current medications in a one-week medi-planner so your medication will be available upon arrival. If medications need to be refilled please discuss this with the community nurse prior to reordering.

Call us if you have any questions

(208) 852-2273



Give us a call, send an email, let us know your interested in learning more

Tour the community

Visit our community, walk through the hallways, get to know our caring care team, smell the fresh home cooked meals in person.

Choose which room you like

See what room options are available that best suit your loved ones needs.


Set a time with our operations manager to go over some paperwork that will help in onboarding your loved one.

Choose move-in date

We prefer move-in days to happen Monday-Thursday so our management team is available for a smooth transition.

Initial Nurse Assessment

Our community nurse will meet with you and your loved one to do an in-depth assessment. The nurse will also review what cares your loved one needs and what they can do on their own.

Learn what makes us different

Ask questions, investigate the reputation, request references

Interim Plan of Care

We try our very best to customize each care plan based on the individual's needs. Each care plan is reviewed 14 days after the initial assessment to make any needed adjustments.

Plan move in!

The rooms normally come empty. We suggest decorating and personalizing the room to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Invite friends and family to help move in.

See the community for yourself!

Schedule a tour